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Fortuitus was developed to fulfil the need of schools to process I.T. help desk requests, track equipment inventory, and keep work records. Inexpensive and easy to use, Fortuitus keeps I.T. personnel in touch with administration and faculty.

Process Help Desk Requests

Staff submit requests through the simple Fortuitus portal. Their room inventory displays automatically so they can select the equipment that needs fixing.

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Track Inventory

Enter or import your equipment inventory for quick reference and sorting. Search or print reports by equipment type, value, IP address, model number, room number, department, etc.

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Fortuitus keeps valuable information readily available for technicians and administrators to use. Reference VoIP phone extensions, IP addresses, MAC addresses, equipment logins, user names and locations, room numbers, etc.

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Customize and Embed

We will customize the entire suite of applications to match the look and colors of your website. We'll provide the login code to embed so that your staff won't even realize they're leaving your organization's website.

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